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We help clients create strategies that attract, engage, and build relationships; understand and map digital technology to marketing challenges; and help identify and establish effective business development opportunities and partnerships.

Engagents: an agency partner that is focused on helping you engage individuals to drive business results

What We Do


Digital Strategy

The Engagents has certified Digital Event Strategists on site available to work with your team to help you through the process of crafting a digital strategy that is right for your business and situation. The Engagents’ strategists combine in-depth customer insights with practical expertise and extensive operational experience to help our clients create sustainable strategies and methods to build relationships with customers and prospects utilizing the latest digital tools.


Event Marketing

Marketing has changed. Today customer intimacy, getting closer, and building that core relationship is crucial — and CEOs and CMOs are embracing it. The race to build the digital bridge to customers is definitely on, however, face-to-face meetings have always and likely will continue to reign supreme when it comes to building the relationships that lead to loyalty, evangelism and larger market share. Engagents helps you plan, launch and optimize your customer facing events to deliver maximum ROI.



The nature of business is evolving faster today than at any time in the past and will likely continue in this direction. That’s affecting the way you do business and ‘go it alone’ has given way to collaboration and partnering. Successful partnering accelerates your time to market and creates a competitive advantage. The Engagents specializes in helping you develop partnering strategies that lead to new business.

Your Special Ops Team

We are your special ops team and are dedicated and focused on achieving your business objectives. We use our extensive experience and subject matter expertise to deliver powerful results.

We are expert at developing weapons of mass engagement! We are part suit and part geek and run a continuous lab testing and developing technology capable of delivering mass engagement on a one-on-one basis.

Technology is great but not without a rock solid strategy designed to achieve your business objectives. We have extensive experience developing and implementing engagement strategies that will meet or exceed your goals while making sure our solutions have a minimal workload impact on your direct team.

Meet the Team

Michael Doyle the engagents
Michael Doyle, Partner
Michael is focused on helping clients develop and implement engaging marketing, event, learning and partnering strategies.

He is a 25-year veteran with extensive marketing, content and business development experience. As the former executive director and founder of the Virtual Edge Institute, he launched the Virtual Edge Summit and created the Digital Event Strategist (DES) education and certification program. He is a frequent consultant to companies wanting to map digital experiences to their portfolio of physical and online programs.

Michael has extensive experience working with large and small companies, associations and NGOs. Clients have included: Materials Research Society, Microsoft, CAbi (Carol Anderson by invitation) PolishedCrete, Taylor & Francis, Online Market World, International Society of Heart and Lung Transplant (ISHLT), BAC, Sttones Academy, TechConnect, INTEREX, Sourcetool, Reed/Elsevier and others.

Aditya Mishra
Aditya Mishra, Partner
Aditya powers much of the technology behind our digital engagement programs including events, websites, apps, and content-based event and learning communities.

Though he started as an online marketing jack-of-all-trades, after almost 15 years in the business, he has settled on the line between leading edge technology and delivering reliable business solutions for marketing, events and learning programs with a keen focus on engaging user experiences as well as simple, self-service admin capabilities for all levels of system users. Aditya runs the virtual development team.

He has worked with a broad range of clients including Hewlett Packard, SchoolSeek, Justin.tv, Virtual Edge Institute, Expand IT Services and Planet Trading Company.

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