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Marketing Strategy Development

A great marketing strategy is like the blueprint for the success of your business or program. IT needs to be founded in facts, assumptions and, of course, realistic objectives of what the business can do given your market, customer and prospect base as well as the competitive landscape. It is also a document that needs flexibility and ongoing adjustment as assumptions and tactics are tested and measured.

Marketers are now looking at the ongoing relationship that is developed through meaningful interaction with customers over time versus touch points. We focus on helping organizations drive customer engagement across all marketing channels and activities–all the time. Therefore, our customer-centric engagement marketing strategy utilizes both on and offline mediums and tactics.

The Engagents offer a broad range of services and expertise in our efforts to encourage and influence engagement throughout the cycle from lead generation and awareness to customer loyalty and advocacy. Collaborating on a foundational strategy is always step one!

Digital Engagement Strategies

Although in-person is, in our opinion, the best channel for meaningful conversation, you simply cannot rely on that channel alone as customers are more likely to spend far more time with your organization digitally. And if you are not there for them digitally, they will find someone else who is and they will bridge the digital relationship with the customer before you do. The digital relationship is often a requirement before there is even an opportunity for an offline relationship and our team has successfully planned and produced many digital programs.

We can help you win the battle for customer engagement by assessing where you are currently–across all channels and helping you craft a plan to best listen to, engage with and help your customers solve their needs with your assistance or the assistance of other customers.

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