Very soon, the majority of the workforce will have grown up with technology and expect to use it to get information, solve problems, communicate and learn. No matter what generation, digital is the way new skills will be discovered, learned and shared. If you are looking to develop a new education, training or certification program that is something we can help you with.

The world is quickly changing from in person, classroom-base learning methods where people come together to meet and then sit for written exams, to online, on-demand methods that lower costs and better serve all involved. Members of our organization were the ones that developed and built the Digital Event Strategist training and certification program for the Virtual Edge Institute. That program was designed from the very beginning to be delivered and managed using the latest in online adult learning methods and engagement tools.

Our associates also have extensive experience in using and integrating such products as Moodle, D2L and Blackboard, etc. with engagment and collaboration tools like WebEx , Go to Meeting and Zoom.

We can help you from the very beginning with a needs assessment, business plan, justification as well as content creation and technology deployment to best serve users and business owners.
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