Marketing & Business Automation

Do you want your website site to be an easy to update, self-service gorgeous marketing machine? We’ll build you a solution that takes a form on your site and does anything you want…populate your CRM, email a salesperson, start a drip marketing campaign, build a directory or sponsor and speaker listing page and more.

We look at marketing automation and business automation in a similar way and likely connected. Marketing automation is the term used to describe software –based solutions or platforms that automate repetitive tasks, simplify processes and sometimes connect applications within a department or organization. Typically the system ties together various activities that occur throughout the sales, customer service and marketing process.

We typically are involved in business automation solutions from the point where a prospect, user or customer is involved with your website or marketing programs. As an example, we would program various lead capture opportunities into your website (content offers requiring a exchange of information like an email and name, etc. to direct request for proposal/contact). The information collected is then used to send a follow up email to the requester while copying the appropriate internal departments and also adding the person to your CRM system (don’t have one or need a change–we do that too) and creating follow up activities and assigned tasks. No opportunity gets lost or goes unanswered.

In other cases, we set up form-based website publishing systems which can work well for creating and publishing content to your site (like automating speaker and sponsor submissions while creating web pages) that are ready to be approved and automatically published. If we’ve built the site for you we can make it easy for anyone you allow to edit content immediately without any html experience needed.

We set up automation systems to streamline sales, marketing and publishing operations by replacing high-touch, repetitive manual processes with simple to use automated solutions.

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