Hybrid Event & Streaming Services

Doing a hybrid event that just isn’t meeting your expectations or haven’t started yet? We’ll work with you to provide a solution that meets your business objectives while fitting into the budget and operational plan that ends in success.

We Develop and Launch Live Streaming and Prerecorded Sessions, Conferences and Events Online

We’ve developed and launched more than twenty online and hybrid (live and online simultaneously) events. Launching an online event takes unique skills combining strategy as well as the ability to execute on every aspect of attendee engagement. Launching a customer conference, tradeshow or event and want a stellar virtual attendee experience? The Engagents can help you make it happen.

Hybrid events are simply events where some of the participants are attending in person and others are participating remotely via the internet and some digital device that connects them to the content being live streamed. There may be various types of engagement options such as chat, Twitter integration, polling etc. offered to try and connect the remote participants to the onsite experience and attendees.

From a simple webinar to live streaming here is how we plan the program with you:

  1. Establish the ultimate business objectives (including monetization).
  2. Define the personas of the audience you are trying to engage.
  3. Identify their information/content needs and desires.
  4. Determine the best methods to engage them with your marketing messages.
  5. Implement the marketing plan so your message gets seen by your audience.
  6. Establish how your content will drive specific, desired audience actions.
  7. Determine how you are going to measure success (sales, leads, downloads, etc.).
  8. Create the content, get the audience, monetize, engage the audience and measure the results!

Additional Benefits:

SEO: The search engines tend to like and rank video content highly which will further elevate your website as an informational and useful content source in your industry, you’ll eventually rank more highly in search results and perhaps more often.

Outbound Marketing: Offering live streamed content for people who are not or can not attend your event in person is a hugely positive content addition to emails, PPC ads and direct marketing efforts. If nothing else, it has been shown to lower the all important unsubscribe rate for people as they find something of value in an otherwise useless marketing contact.

Social Media: If your live streamed content is valuable and engaging, people will share it, like it and recommend you as a source of relevant information.

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