Streaming & Hybrid Events


Live streaming video for an event can be very effective at extending the reach of the event to people who are not able or willing to attend the event in person. Many events are using the technique quite successfully because it allows for an almost unlimited number people to participate and the cost to do so can be very low. Although cannibalization of in person attendance has often been enough of a fear to deter event marketers from live streaming content, hard research shows just the opposite and when done well, can have a rather significant positive impact on subsequent in person event attendance not to mention good will and customer or member engagement.



Hybrid events are simply events where some of the participants are attending in person and others are participating remotely via the internet and some digital device that connects them to the content being live streamed. There may be various types of engagement options such as chat, Twitter integration, polling etc. offered to connect the remote participants to the onsite experience and attendees.

How we plan a live streamed event program for you:



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