The Engagency is a full-service web development agency, we bring you web design & development services that address your unique business needs. The Engagency combines expertise in business process, user experience, information architecture, development and design. We work on projects from simple one page site to complex learning, event and community platforms. Most of our work utilizes the power and flexibility of WordPress as a core element.

We have a proven methodology that incorporates defined project and deliverable timelines, regular project updates and a generally transparent process. Having said that, our primary focus is you; we pride ourselves in clear, open communication and work with you every step of the way to deliver your solution not ours.
We take a comprehensive approach to create the right solution for your business needs and create the experience your users will enjoy and engage with. Our methodology addresses these 10 areas:

Business Drivers
There are many purposes for organizations to have a website(s) and digital presence; informational, marketing, sales, learning, events, etc. The only way to begin a project is with a very clear understanding of the simple questions of:

The questions are simple but the answers are critical!

We like to develop an overall digital strategy (if you don’t already have one) to help document or outline how you handle (or should handle) the different aspects of digital across the organization or business unit. We look at websites, applications, mobile, email, social media and digital marketing. It sounds like a lot but really doesn’t have to turn into a big project and thick report although you will want it in order to understand the inter-dependencies of many of these areas. The more key item is the strategy document that related to this specific inactive.

Meets your business requirements!
Functional Specification
An functional spec (FC) is simply a document that outlines what the product will do (functionality) for each user persona (admins, editors, and all types of end users). It is used to agree on functionality, communicate the functionality to the developers and designers as well as to those that will be testing the product for the various users.

Does what you want and grows to what you need!
Device Dependence
Device dependence looks at what the users will be accessing the product with and makes certain that everyone understands what devices and experiences are required.

Works on any device!
User Experience Plan
We specialized in creating user-centric interfaces, our team of UX and UI designers follow best practices with and open eye toward innovation when designing your digital experience. We will work in close collaboration with you to translate your design requirements to deliver final designs that your brand can be proud to show off.

Easy to use!

The design process begins as we thoroughly organize your content to ensure an intuitive structure for your users to follow. As we build your sitemap and wireframes, we determine your users’ primary actions and create navigation that supports the intended experience. Our designers utilize your brand’s aesthetics to bring finalization to an intuitive, quality user experience.

Looks great and is easy to update and manage!
Development is one of the foundations on which The Engagency was built as we often found good looking solution that just didn’t perform when it came to speed, SEO performance, and ease of ownership.

Low cost and does what you need!
Content Development & Onboarding
Check out our content development and marketing section to find out more about what we can do for you but for some clients we are the primary content creators and for others we are taking what they create and help manage that and deliver it in an effective engaging manner. We can set up sites that are totally managed by your team (self-service), partially managed by users or a combination of us and you.

Excellent content creation, easy, user generated self-service!
Marketing Elements
Most websites need to be optimized and aggressively marketed to be found by search engines and users before the onsite marketing kicks in, but others need to focus internally on getting customers, employees and members that are already in the environment to consume content, interact with others and complete certain actions. Whether it’s a mandatory training program, required activity we know it still comes down to reaching, motivating, incentivizing and engaging the user to achieve success and The Engagency can help you in both scenarios.
Outbound, inbound and onsite marketing is always part of the plan!
Depending on the complexity of the project, there may be methods, procedures or reporting that we create that may be new to your admin users that require explanation or training. We usually provide a plan on how that information is going to be learned and always provide narrated video demos that any user can watch and learn as they need. From some projects, we offer onsite training classes as well.

Adequate training is always included as part of the solution at no additional cost!

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